The Advantages of Being Small in Network Marketing

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Why being BIG is the enemy of flexibility!


In the traditional business world, people think to have a BIG business with a bunch of resources…

…such as being able to hire the best, pay signing bonuses, issue stocks galore, cut enormous paychecks, and provide outrageous perks…

…all SEEM like unfair advantages large corporations have over the “little guy.”

But in actuality, being small has its advantages.

I’m currently reading the book titled, The Road Less Stupid, by a personal mentor, Keith Cunningham and a chapter in his phenomenal book has inspired me to write about this topic.

Anyway, in The Road Less Stupid, Keith talks about some of the advantages of being a small company,

versus being a big conglomerate.

That got me thinking about being small in network marketing, and the advantages I had when I first started, as a “nobody” in this profession.

When I was a newbie in network marketing, I sometimes caught myself, especially at company events, wishing I was already a double diamond or a top earner.

Because I assumed those people had an advantage over me.

Maybe they had more experience; perhaps they had specific skills I hadn’t learned yet, perhaps they had the charisma or just the credibility to be able to recruit more successfully.

So, of course, they were able to recruit and build an organisation faster than I could, right?

Naturally, I thought…

If I could just be where they were at, with their resources, influence, and credibility, that would be a huge advantage.

But the reality was that being small at that time gave ME the advantage, which I began to exploit and I’d like to share with you what that was.

Why being small is a distinct advantage!

Most of the top earners in my first company built their organisations a LOOONG time ago.

We’re talking way before the Internet took off, and the reality was this;

Their organisations were dwindling.

They were too high in their “ivory tower” to understand the struggles and the changing dynamics of the field.

They didn’t know what was happening in the everyday life of a network marketer.

And their most significant disadvantage was how restricted they were.

Here’s what I mean…

Unfortunately, some network marketing companies and organisations operate like a cult.

It’s true.

These companies watch what their leaders are doing like a hawk.

They don’t want their leaders to ruffle any feathers!

And they certainly don’t want leaders to do anything other than the always been done in the past, regarding approved business building methods, involvement in other business ventures and even expectations around private personal conduct.

Therefore, in many organisations, both the company or its more powerful distributors may start monitoring each other’s behaviour, both personally and professionally.

And the business rules at least—both spoken and unspoken—keep people from innovating and trying new things.

The fear from the company, or top distributors’ perspective is that, if one of their leaders is building in a way that isn’t “approved” by the master distributors or company, other lower level distributors will catch on and might start mimicking an “unproven” strategies, putting in danger the focus, unity and production of the organization.

On its face, I can understand this perspective, but as is predictable, innovation is likely to happen at a snail’s pace in many of these organizations as the leadership is sacrificing the potential effectiveness of lower level distributors in a rapidly changing market, for the sake of maintaining slow and steady growth (i.e. protecting their incomes instead of the risk that comes with trying new methods).

You’ve probably heard about network marketing;

“We want only to teach you what’s proven”


“Follow our proven system”

The reality is this:

Being small in network marketing gave me, and gives you, an advantage, which is the flexibility to try new things.

New things the big guys are either too cynical or are too afraid to try,  of fear of being judged negatively or fear of jeopardising their incomes.

When you’re small, no one’s noticing you!

When you’re small and you start doing stuff online, for instance, no one bothers to see you.

Maybe your immediate upline will notice something, but your company’s not going to come down after you, because you don’t have enough influence in the company yet and you don’t have anything to lose.

That was great for me.

Once I realised being small gave me an advantage, I was able to explore things like “attraction marketing” and could learn to build my business online without too much-unwanted attention coming my way.

I was able to attend live events and seminars about how to build my business online.

At Elite Marketing Pro, we hold the No Excuses Summit every June, which is all about building your business online.

When you’re small, and you attend an event like that, no one cares if your picture shows up on social media.

No one’s watching you, and that’s a significant advantage!

For myself, I was able to build my online presence via my website and social media, before anyone was the wiser.

And here are my results;

Two years after discovering these online network-marketing strategies and exploring digital marketing, I…

  • Quit my job,
  • Was earning multiple six figures, and
  • Built three sources of income, which quickly ballooned to seven-figures

One of my three sources of income was network marketing, but the other sources of income were affiliate marketing and coaching and consulting.

This type of diversity is essential, but it also allows you to provide more value to your prospects.

For example, those two additional income sources allowed me to monetise the people who said “no” to my opportunity.

Maybe they wanted to build their own network marketing business in a different company, or they just weren’t interested in mine, but they still saw value in what I was doing, so they wanted to remain connected.

Regardless, I was able to make money and serve people in different ways.

That was powerful, and that’s a lesson for you today;

You have an advantage if you’re small because no one’s going to notice you, so you have nothing to lose.

Being small allows you to make mistakes!

You have very little to lose regarding your actual business.

In other words, if you are afraid of what your upline’s going to think because you’re doing certain things online…guess what?

That’s a made up fear since you don’t have a significant income yet to lose.

And even if you do have a little bit of an income going, that’s still not a reason to restrict yourself.

In The Road Less Stupid, Keith Cunningham references Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, where Darwin introduces the concept of the “survival of the fittest.”

The fittest were the most adaptable.

The fittest weren’t the strongest or the biggest.

Otherwise, the dinosaurs would still be around.

Only the adaptable survive.

The key to winning in any business, including network marketing, is how flexible you are in responding to the changes in the marketplace, the environment, and the technology that’s available.

Being BIG is the enemy of flexibility!

It handicaps your ability to adapt and change.

There are plenty of examples of big companies who were number one in their industry and then collapsed.

Think about Blockbuster, Sears, and Blackberry.

Taxi conglomerates are collapsing because of Uber and Lyft taking over the marketplace.

Being the fittest is about adaptability.

And the reality is the struggle for survival.

So if you want to survive in any marketplace...

…you need to have more curiosity and less arrogance.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of certainties, as opposed to clarity, among network marketing’s top earner circles.

Many top earners think because they successfully built their businesses, they know the RIGHT way.

That’s not necessarily true, because the number one constant in business is what?


And many big companies and many top earners especially lack curiosity.

And so, if they want to survive, curiosity and less of a need to be right – certainty – is what’s required.

They need to ask better questions, and have fewer answers, in a changing dynamic.

Far too many times, I’ve someone who’s achieved a substantial income network marketing and…

And then operate as the marketplace is NEVER going to change!

The reality is that the market is always changing.

Those of you who have been in network marketing over the past five years know how quickly things have evolved, by using technology and social media to communicate and build organisations.

All of that is changing very rapidly.

You can’t rely on your triple ambassador, who built his business 30 years ago, for answers to these kinds of changes.

Industry veterans do offer a lot of insight regarding the fundamentals and leadership.

But ultimately, when it comes to technology & innovation, those insights are going to go from the field.

Your advantage in being small is that you can innovate and make mistakes, without fear of repercussions from master distributors or the company.

Now, before we proceed, I have a warning.

As Keith mentions in his book, even though being small has an advantage, you can lose that advantage, if you’re not careful.

Small destroys its only advantage by trying to mimic the big guys and follow the rules.

You’re going to destroy your advantage if you always try to “toe the line.”

You need to be willing to ruffle some feathers!

You must be willing to do precisely what we do here at Elite Marketing Pro, which is innovating and stay on the cutting edge of what’s currently working—not only in network marketing but ANY business.

And sure, maybe you already consider yourself a “rebel,” but we're not rebels to try to separate ourselves from the industry.

We’re trying to be rebels to IMPROVE the industry and the profession.

We're ultimately disruptive for the cause of good.

…so you can stay home with your kids, rather than out doing home parties and home meetings, or hotel meetings, or being a “mall shark” talked about by our friend Cari Higham.

You can build this business from home, while your kids are playing five feet away from you.

That’s the advantage we’re giving you—the ability to adapt to a changing environment, so if you want to be a stay-at-home parent, you can do it.

Similarly, if you are a busy professional and you work long hours

What’s the ultimate way to build a business in the network marketing space?

Being able to do it from your phone or your computer, of course, in the “gaps” of your life!

So if you’d like to learn more about becoming adaptable and flexible using the attraction marketing concepts that permanently revolutionised and disrupted this profession a few years back, then I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I’ll walk you through how to build your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—interested in what you’ve got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how small your business is currently.

That is, by far, the most efficient way to build your business today.

In fact, I’ll share exactly how I grew a business which today, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and onboard 70–100 severe new business builders each month.

These methods continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in network marketing.

So if you’re ready to get started;

Just click here, and I’ll gladly give you access to my Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

I also recommend you pick up a cop ofy my book, the Attraction Marketing Formula & included bonuses, which you will learn about after you request the online recruiting course.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Maikel D. Andres
Affiliate Marketer
Elite Marketing Pro

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